“Em-airs some rat-gud pitchurs…”

That quote is from my much respected Uncle Fat.

Howdy, I'm Mike Mitchell, rowdy introvert, sailor, biker, and bouncer. Its been an interesting ride so far, and a wonder I'm still here and still scrappy. In addition to photography, interests include motorcycles, fast cars, music, martial arts, firearms, edged weapons, history, and reading of various eclectic subject matter.

After six-years-and-change in the U.S. Navy as a Photographer's Mate, I attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, graduating in 1981 with a B.A. in Illustrative Photography.

Returning to my hometown, Nashville, TN, I pursued a career in commercial work, shooting music packaging, P.R., corporate reportage, editorial, and advertising. I shot whatever interested me and helped pay for the hearth, home, Sinars, Hasselblads, and Nikons.

I left photography about 13 years ago, and after a longish stint as a bouncer at a local music venue/bar-and-grill (Uncle Sugar's training at Shore Patrol duties provided a uniquely appropriate skill set for that job), I went to work for Tennessee's Department of Labor, learning more than I ever intended or wanted to know about unemployment law, and retired from that gig in 2018.

In re-discovering my need to photograph, I found my way to landscape work, and the desire to create fine art. Early-on in this renaissance, I asked myself, "What makes the work “fine art'?"

Here's what I know: To create fine art, that intent has to be there from the "git-go," and the work has to be a successful expression of my vision. When my work is good, it evokes emotion, filters the "noise," tells the story, and says to the viewer, "I wish I was there."

I hope you like what you see and the images make you want to be there.  

p.s. — I’m also hanging-out on YouTube at: